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                Serving general contractors, property managers, and the architectural & design community.

                Professional Services

                • Estimating And Sales
                • Installation
                • Design Service
                • Selection Center
                • Warehousing
                • Cleaning
                • Value Engineering
                • Concrete Floor Restoration
                • Non Skid Flooring Solutions
                • Polymer Coatings
                • Shot Blasting
                • Flexible 24/7 Services

                Markets Served

                • Tenant Improvement
                • Health Care Facilities
                • Education
                • Hospitality
                • Financial
                • Government Facilities
                • Office & Industrial
                • Builder
                • Retail

                We have been a respected name in the commercial flooring industry. Offering quality products; with insured & certified installation and service. We are the leading contractorsí» choice in this area. Our experienced staff offers product, blueprint and installation knowledge that you can depend on. Whether your issue is budget or time constraints we offer the options to help you complete the job.

                We Provide Professional Sales & Installation With On Site Supervision For

                • Cabinets & Vanities
                • Multiple Surface Countertops
                • Full Service Office Move During Installation
                • Planned Commercial Maintenance & Cleaning
                • Lift System Moving For Modular Work Stations
                • Window Blinds & Shutters
                • Digital Measuring, Estimating & Drawing
                • Guaranteed Installation 7 Days A Week

                Our sales, operations, installation & management team is among the most experienced, innovative and respected in the industry. Our core values are founded in integrity, teamwork through trust, respect, and accountability at all levels with a commitment to continuous improvement, providing community service with customer enthusiasm and an insatiable appetite to winning.